JamIT 2012


JamIT 2012 is a free game jam open to all students of ITU. Anyone who’s ever been interested in making games can come along and spend the weekend making games.

Use the Chat on this site to talk with other jammers and keep up to date. Also, feel free to use Twitter #jamITU to keep everyone apprised of your progress.

The Submissions page will open 10 hours before the deadline on Saturday. Flash files can be hosted natively, but all other submissions (such as Game Maker, Unity etc.) will be download only. Upload your finished games to the website so we can all play and show them off at next year’s JamIT.

Members of JamIT’s team will be set up in Analog for the weekend to help with any problems of if you need any information. You can also contact them through their ITU email addresses:

Daryl Hornsby: dhor@itu.dk or @DeltaGemini
Jonatan Van Hove: jvah@itu.dk or @joonturbo
Tommy Rouse: thoh@itu.dk or @ludist

We would like to thank IGDA sponsoring the event. If you don’t know them, check them out, they’re awesome. Also, have a look at http://www.exile.dk for the next Game Jam at the end of October.

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